Green Man

Concept   /   Installation

The Green Man is an interactive light and video installation that combines technology, nature and human touch. It’s a metaphor of nature, reaching out to the city people and expressing the need to infuse the urban spaces.

Video projections of various nature and architectural shapes connect the 4×4 m. video sculpture (that levitates above the water pond) and the interactive floating light objects. Such meditative space lets you strengthen your progressive urban posture and puts you closer to the origins of nature.

Water is the carrier of life, so the pond stands as a symbolic space that manifests the need for life in the modern city architecture.
The levitating sculpture symbolises the rebirth and growth of the nature itself. It shows that the city can be full of harmony and life only when in sync with nature.

The Green Man sculpture is an architectural ornament, widespread in cultures throughout the world. Its creation tracks back to the oldest pagan times and is actually associated with plant deities. This architectural shape has many different variations, but all of them have the human face and plant motifs in common.

The Green Man perfectly shows the need for manifestation of nature in the urban city spaces.