SIMBIO is the name of Urtė Milda Širvinskaitė’s creative studio. Urtė wants her art to stand as a reminder of that, expressing an interconnectedness of all living systems.

Urtė Milda Širvinskaitė (born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1988) has lived in Klaipėda for couple of decades and graduated from Adomas Brakas Art School as a graphic artist. In 2005 she studied interactive design in Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. Trained as interactive designer, she worked as animator, game designer and user experience designer. In 2013, after years of working with computer and digital art, Urtė started creating interactive installations and light sculptures on her own. Now she’s a young artist, exploring connections between sculpture, light and technology. She mixes organic sculptures with digital materials to manifest the need for nature in a modern city. Alongside the use of natural fragments, contemporary constructions are introduced as well, organic matter is mixed with artificial materials, the relationship between nature, its processes and naturally occurring objects becomes the key source of inspiration.

Light becomes an important symbol of Urtė’s work. It’s a physical phenomenon that conveys the relationship between the light source and the environment. The light illuminates the space it travels through and falls on the surface of various objects, changes their shapes, colors, textures.

SIMBIO is a mutually beneficial relationship – a kind of symbiosis that explores the connections between sculpture, light and technology.


Beyond \ Centras Media Art festival \ POST Galery \ Kaunas, Lithuania \ 2015
“Between disciplines” Solo Exhibition  \ Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre „Agila” \ Lithuania \ 2015
Microscope \ interactive light, video, sound installation \ Culture Night Vilnius \ Vilnius, Lithuania \ 2015
Nest \ light, sound installation \ Zagare Fringe festival \ Žagarė, Lithuania \ 2015
Projection Mapping at Lithuanian pavilion \ Expo 2015 Milano \ Milano, Italy \ 2015
Born In Light \ Insanitus- media art festival \ Vilnius, Lithuania\ 2014
Sanctuary \ Yaga- music and art festival \ Dzukijos forest, Lithuania \ 2013
Dr. Glitch \ 21 Century man \ Arka gallery \ Vilnius, Lithuania \ 2013
Dr. Glitch \ Insanitus- media art festival \ Kaunas, Lithuania \ 2013